Continually challenging ourselves creatively is what keeps our range fresh and exciting. We explore new avenues, experiment with techniques and inject our own unique style into the angling industry and beyond.

With a strong design background, our ethos has always been to push the creative boundaries, raise 2 fingers to the mundane, and swim against the flow, creating unique and carefully thought out pieces which blur the lines between the realms of angling and fashion.

There’s a whole load of creative development that goes into the production of any one of our graphic pieces and we’ve been making a conscious effort recently to show you guys a little more of what goes into our artwork.

When you would normally just see a finished piece, it’s easy to overlook the amount of hours, blood, sweat and (sometimes) tears that have gone into its’ creation. We like to think that going this extra mile is what sets up apart from our competition...and the reason why we see so many ‘replicas’ of our work these days.

One piece that we’re particularly proud of from our latest range is our True Leather graphic; one for all you sneaker-heads out there. Although maybe not the most practical choice of footwear for angling, we’ve seen a huge rise in popularity amongst anglers wearing their beloved sneaks on the bank (undoubtedly influenced by the likes of Alan Blair, Oli Davies and Lee Morris) and we wanted to do something to reflect this.

As with the majority of our pieces, this one started life as a sketch, just to get the concept out of our head and down onto paper. It’s often a long process with concepts like this as in truth, we never really know where to start with a concept as crazy as this as there’s simply nothing else like it out there.

Taking inspiration from classic Air Max trainers, we painstakingly took parts from some of our favourite kicks, piecing these various parts back together in a way that you the viewer can instantly recognise what it is we’re trying to portray. When we feel like we simply cannot improve it any further, it’s only at this point where we feel we’ve nailed it.

Getting the design to a stage that we’re happy with is only a small part of the process however. From here, we need to separate each colour layer out to ready the artwork for easy feat when you have hundreds of individual stitches to contend with that all need to be cut out from the previous layer.

From initial conception to the finished garment, we really wouldn’t like to imagine how many hours we’ve spent on this piece, but it’s safe to say our hard work hasn’t gone un-appreciated as our True Leather Tee quickly gained the title of our fastest selling tee of all time. There’s more to come in this range too...keep your eyes peeled for updates.

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